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Elevate your Money Management Skills – How to be Financially Literate?




Why take this course?


  • This course is a simple way to understand money management & ways to become financially literate.


  • Helps to develop skills that incorporate a positive attitude towards wealth attraction and efficiency with the idea of tracking financial success and developing budget management.


  • Incorporate the critical thinking that facilitates the addressing of financial literacy problems and adding solutions to them with the motive of cultivating a positive monetary mindset.


What will you learn?


  • Brief knowledge about financial literacy
  • Introduction to Financial Education
  • Understand the aspect of money; why do we have money problems?
  • Three Aspects of Money
  • Introduction to Savings & its Importance
  • Prioritizing Needs & Wants in Money Management
  • Investment & Simple ways to invest
  • Budgeting Rule & Money Mindset
  • Identifying the need for saving and investment
  • Tracking Personal Income and Expense Statement
  • Books to Read

Course Overview:

Financial literacy training program is an energizing course that facilitates the learners to overview the monetary challenges and ways to overcome them through the smart attitude that will directly benefit you with the positive money mindset of attracting and timely monetary management. This training session nurtures insightful learning with a touch of critical budget-friendly planning and related knowledge. Financial literacy training is one of the essential monetary etiquette learning that an individual and organization must have to thrive through adversities that the Nepalese economy faces with the advancement of time. The financial literacy course consists of a series of learning through effective lectures, presentations, self-assessments, and interactive games. This learning session targets the group of aspiring leaders, students, teachers, office staff, and higher-level executives to set the environment from grassroots to advanced level.

We have implemented financial literacy training programs in different regions of Nepal, which have resulted in significant positive outcomes among participants. These programs have increased awareness, improved financial knowledge, and given a sense of empowerment to the participants. Our experience has shown us that there is a growing demand for financial literacy, not only in rural areas but also among urban populations of all social classes. Therefore, we have introduced a comprehensive financial literacy course to meet this pressing need.

Skills you will learn:

  • Greater understanding of the aspect of money
  • Pointing and saving the monetary problems
  • Improved concept of financial literacy
  • Rational monetary decision-making
  • Concept of smart saving and investment 
  • Knowledge of implementing strategies, plans, and budgets

Know your Facilitator:

Ms. Srinka Malla, Project Director FINLIT Nepal is a dedicated, result-oriented, and self-motivated individual with experience in the financial sector for about five years. She has worked as a professional financial literacy facilitator, providing workshops regarding money management and financial literacy. She has worked closely with different provinces to introduce “Financial Literacy” into Nepal’s education curriculum. She has always remained the strategic planner, major workshop facilitator, and evaluator for the renowned organizations of Nepal. She is a dedicated trainer who has a mission of creating a financially inclusive society with an approach to poverty reduction.

As a young and enthusiastic trainer, she can really vibe with the learners of the Financial Literacy Training Program. She herself believes in creating change within herself and believes in the proper coordination with the participants to bring about a change in the practice of money etiquette with this course.

Course Duration: 2 hours


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