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About Us

The society today is developing at a greater pace and academic learning in schools and colleges are not enough. The market demands something more, something to be developed and packaged to meet the demands of market. It is important to be competitive in every field whether it’s in job, entrepreneurship, politics, or in any field competitiveness in you important. For which skill development, capacity building and knowing the new is important.


With the same concept to develop what the market demands and creating exceptional and well skilled human resource we are here as Glocal After School (GAS), Fuel your skills and knowledge.


For Whom?

The courses of GAS are designed for three specific categories:

  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals

Our Objectives

• To cope with national need of skilled manpower
• To provide skills that are not taught in academic classes
• To give Nepalese students an opportunity to be part of international initiatives
• To attract foreign students and money
• Commitment to the development of Students to be Market ready

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