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Integrated Marketing Training – Recorded Course


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Why take this self – paced training on integrated marketing?

· Understand the process of creating the integrated marketing campaigns, and Identify market segments and assess market situations and industry trends.

· Align marketing campaigns with the marketing communication strategies and marketing objectives.

· Integrate digital and traditional marketing campaigns for customer value, impact and influence.

· Develop an integrated marketing campaign to evaluate the future of marketing trends post-COVID scenario.

What you’ll learn?

  • Introduction: Communication, Marketing, Marketing Communication, Brand Communication, and Integrated?
  • Communication: how it has changed over the last 25 years, how web-led convergent communication is the way to go ahead.
  • Marketing: how it has evolved from sales-focus to multi-focus today, from offline, on-air, and on-ground to multi-media marketing, with digital marketing becoming stronger today, post-pandemic.
  • Why integrated and how integrated approach will work in Marketing Communication and Brand Communication.
  • The COVID impact on marketing and its communication, and the need for IMC more than ever before.
  • Future of Marketing Communication in Post COVID times: how do we prepare ourselves for the emerging scenario?

Course Overview:

Marketing, an essential component for any business and has permeated our digital and analog lives which helps businesses identify, anticipate and satisfy the needs and wants of customers. In general, it’s one of the most essential skills required by all business houses/ companies that want to grow. The session will be comprised of interaction and refreshing conceptual talks along with relevant examples and case studies.

This includes knowing the most important concepts of advertising, sales promotions, public relations, brand visibility, personal contact, and digital media. You will also be learning valuable methods for decision-making: marketing research, consumer insights, buyer personas, audience segmentation, creative development, media planning, public relations, and other essential strategic communications processes.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • Marketing Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Business Skills

Know your Trainer:

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury is a Secretary at Global Media Education Council and a leading media and communication academic of India, having been earlier the Dean of Media of Symbiosis (Pune) and Amity (Mumbai) Universities, Whistling Woods International (Mumbai), and Pearl Academy of Delhi and Mumbai.

He is known for his convergent approach to media education starting from an integrated broad base leading to focused specialization at the top. He is a great mentor and a known face in TV studio debates and a regular writer in Indian media. He had earlier been employed with Business India TV, Zee News, Times of India Group, WHO Media, et al.


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