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Self Learning Course Combo 1

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Get the Combo Package of these amazing 3 course worth Rs. 800 at just Rs. 500!

Make your learning experience more exciting by enrolling in Self- Learning courses at Glocal After School! You can participate whenever you wish and you can learn at your own pace.


Feel free to explore these Self-Learning Courses:


  1. Career Lab | Graduate Training

A course designed as a career booster for graduating students and fresh graduates who are looking to get a head start on their professional life. It is a course that will help you in bridging the gap in Skills providing you the skills necessary for your career growth.

Get your career off to a flying start by enrolling in this course at your own convenience.

Trainer: Ms. Sadiksha Thapa, MBA Program/ Career & Industry Relations Manager at AITM


  1. Masterclass on Integrated Marketing Communication

A course designed to make you understand the process of creating the integrated marketing campaigns, and Identify market segments and assess market situations and industry trends. It will guide you techniques to align marketing campaigns with the marketing communication strategies and marketing objectives. It will also lead you to Integrate digital and traditional marketing campaigns for customer value, impact and influence.

Develop an integrated marketing campaign to evaluate the future of marketing trends post-COVID scenario through this course.

Trainer: Mr. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, Secretary, Global Media Education Council


  1. Secrets of Hospitality

The course on Hospitality Secrets is well designed short and sweet session designed for all levels and ages to understand the basic know-how of the hotel industry and insights for the beginners to join the industry and enhance and motivate further to learn in the future. Anyone interested in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry planning to further join the industry can enroll for this course  to have basic operations and insights.

Trainer: Mr. Roopesh Shrestha, Cluster Director, Learning and Development, Marriott Hotel


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