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Project Management

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Managing project is not that easy as we think; it takes lots of dedication, hard work, strategies, team, resources, and so on. Before starting any project, program we should have the proper idea how the project runs, how to make it sustainable and create impact for the development.

This course will help participants to learn different components of a project in development sectors. They will have a clear idea about the essence of Detail Implementation Plan, Log frame, Theory of Change in a project. This course will help participants to understand how the project is designed and will be able to draft a project at the end.

Course Components:

Day 1:

  • Introduction about a project
  • Different Components of a project
  • Project log frame.
  • Theory of Change
  • Details Implementation plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Day 2:

  • Stakeholder and partner Coordination
  • Budget Management
  • Report Preparation

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