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Online Acting Workshop

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Course Description:

Acting is taken as the skill to express our feelings; we should be able to express ourselves to be mentally and physically fit. Acting is taken as ornament in theatre, movies, dramas, play, etc. Acting helps in building confidence, making communication better, understanding people and Yes! Expressing ourselves.

This course will help participants to know about acting, its importance and scope in today’s market. This course will not only orient about the topic but will also help them in learning acting using interactive session. Participants will get ideas on methods, gestures, postures, tips and tactics for better acting which will help them in grooming themselves.


Course Components:

  • What is acting?
  • Nine Emotions in acting / Methods / Gestures and Postures.
  • How to act for theatre and films?
  • How can you use the power of acting to gain confidence in public and workplace?
  • Acting through meditation to relieve stress and depression.
  • A little glimpse about how to be a professional actor.

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