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A great way to boost employee retention

enhancing their skills.

Our business solution will maximize the creativity, engagement, and development of your entire workforce


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Training Objectives

Our training provides successful bunch of skills to your team that contributes towards productivity and organization’s strategic goals. We strategize plans to help your organization meet with your organizations mission and vision. We identify the knowledge gaps and drive measurable outcomes.

Let’s focus on the vision, mission, and goals that make the future of your business an exciting one.

With GAS for Corporates, you can fuel your potential & inspire your team to lead further with on-demand courses, live interactions and learning paths.

Abundant learning resources

Updated and relevant learning materials and content to the new learning experience.

Encourage Further Learning And Collaboration

Long way learning that encourages participants to explore further learning initiatives and add value to course by sharing their skills and knowledge.

Engaging Teaching – Learning Methodologies

Online learning with gamification, that provides new dimension in learning.

Why GAS for Corporates?

Strategic Development Objectives

Developing training objectives that directs them to learn skills to achieve the business vision.

Develop Skills for Employees

Be ready in market to compete with the skills that you gain with online training offered by us.

Customized to your Needs

We work with you to build curated learning pathways based on your specific organizational needs.

Experts and Professionals as Trainers

We have industry experts and professionals who will train you the major aspects of what business wants and help to achieve your goals & objectives.

Cost effective Training

Quality eLearning program with minimal cost for corporates.

Benefits of collaborating with GAS for Corporate

Efficient Teaching Learning Methodologies.

Access to GAS corporate courses of different categories.

Industry experts as trainers for every course.

Engagement tools like Workshops, Groups Activity, Case Studies, Gamification etc.

An easy-to-use Admin Panel where you can manage your team.

A place to put your learning advices which will be taken care by GAS Team.

Free E-books for relevant topics of training.

Project to show the application of your skills.

Our Corporate Team plan is categorized into 2 divisions

A Smart Initiator Team

This category contains team of 5 – 20.

Price: …………………………………

A Pioneer Enterprise Team

This category contains team of 5 – 20.

Price: …………………………………

Which teams plan is right for my company?

A small companies or teams can comply with ‘A Smart Initiator Team’ plan to develop their skills and nurture their development process.

‘A Pioneer Enterprise Team’ plan is good for large organizations and teams who are looking for greater learning strategy with robust reporting, integrations, and more.

Both plans get access to courses in our plans and can choose between them.

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