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Virtual Strategy for Productive Team Engagement

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Adapting the reality of present situation; we are living in own places and carrying our works. We can say that we are living now in virtual world; everything have transformed to be virtual either be studies or works. When it comes to work, it is being quite challenging to cope with team members in planning and executing; we must understand what actually the problem is and develop the solutions for better functioning.

This course is designed to make participants understand how to engage team virtually; use of virtual productivity tools for managing and solving team members problems.


Course Content:

Day 1: Understanding virtual workplace that is shaping remote work

Participants will be oriented about virtual workplace. The problems they are currently facing and possible solution linking with best practices of Nepali as well as international companies.

Day 2: Engagement tools for remote workplace

Participants will be oriented about engagement tools and techniques that would be relevant for their current departments or company itself. The tools and techniques shall have the flexibility to be customized in organizations with some key assumptions and scenario planning.

Day 3: Productivity tools to streamline virtual work

Participants will be briefed about deploying engagement and connecting it with productivity at their organizations. The session will orient the participants on productivity tools as well as monitoring and evaluating techniques.


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