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Secrets to Effective Communication

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Course Overview:

Communication has always been an essential skills to every one of us. We believe that communication is the art of expressing oneself; where it is the process or act of performing a speech to the audience. It is commonly understood as formal, face-to-face communication, but what it actually is will be defined through this course. You will get a detailed idea about the speech, preparing techniques with the idea in effective delivering.

This course will help you in learning prerequisite to be a good speaker, principles of public speaking, body languages, how to be an effective speaker, give good presentation and also to speak with their own styles in particular setting. This course reveals the secret to be a better and efficient speaker with the secret to effective communication. This course will not be based only on theoretical perspective but will focus more on practicality letting You practice more and learn by doing.

Course Detail

Day 1- Introduction to Speaking, It’s Principles Unveiled

The first day of the session will focus more on getting introduced with the topic and  expectations which will light the ideas over Speaking, its principles coping with Speech Nerves. The session will follow the interactive ways in understanding the ideas about the topic. The session will help you to understand the ways to transform speaking fear into excitement.

Day 2- Components of Successful Speech and Effective Speech

This day, You will be assisted to realize how each of the components and sub components create a great speech. How to improve your vocal production through which you will learn about the effective speech.

Day 3- Body language, Types of Speech

You will learn how can you incorporate our body language complimenting with their verbal speech? Through the session you will get ideas on the types of speech and how to approach each one of them. Also on this day, You will be given and situation and deliver impromptu speech as a practice.

Day 43Ps and the PS Aids Revealed

The 3Ps (Preparation, Practice and Performance) will be revealed with practical practice which will help you in preparing speech scientifically, practice effectively and perform next to the perfect.

Day 5- Application of Learning: Secrets Learnt

You will have a task of preparing your own speech and deliver your creation. Our facilitator will help you in getting better with the feedbacks and suggestions in making and delivering the content in better way.


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