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Motivation: The Hidden Secret in Leadership

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Course Overview:

Motivation is the hidden secret behind leadership and growth. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation energizes, maintains, and enhances work and life. Practically, a motivated person is more likely to innovate, set goals, deliver quality work, lead an effective life and become productive. Furthermore, a motivated person is less likely to get into conflicts and lack of focus.

We are very aware that when a person feels motivated and valued the person acts even more responsible. This program will help participants observe, act and deliver with consciousness. This program is designed to help an individual become more focused, let go of uncontrollable and lead self and teams effectively.

Developing these skills is extremely important, because critical thinking & motivational skills is an essential, pervasive part of our lives. We need to think critically whenever we consider reasons for or against some claim or action—something required in all fields of knowledge and all kinds of decision-making.


Who can take this course? 

This course is suitable for all the learners who wants to explore ideas to be motivated. This course is highly recommend and exclusive for anyone above 18 year olds with an interest in improving their logical and critical thinking skills.


Course Content:

Day 01

  • Introduction to the session
  • Understanding Fear – “Quiz followed by case studies and discussions”
  • Observe your Communication – “Unlearning activity”
  • The Art of Appreciation – “Individual activity on staying positive”


Day 02

  • The comparison paradigm – Practicing to let go (Group discussion)
  • Fixing your environment
  1. The consequences of positive and negative environment (video analysis)
  2. Getting rid of negative energy
  3. Sliding door moment
  • The Art of Internal and External Feedback
  1. Learning how to appreciate self
  2. Tips to give yourself and people feedback


Day 03

  • Leadership in Crisis
  • Feedback and Discussion


What will you learn from this course?

  1. Better critical thinking ability
  2. Improved / enhanced day to day communication
  3. Ways to improve your mental health
  4. Positive self and positivity towards life
  5. Proactive and productive in life and workplace
  6. Able to lead team effectively


Skills you will learn:

Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence Skills, Psychological Skills, Leadership Skills & Decision Making Skills


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