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Masterclass on Leadership




Course Overview:

It is said all great leaders strive for excellence by committing and periodically recommitting to self-improvement. Everyone can learn to build on his or her unique strengths and become a more inspiring leader

The Leadership Course focuses on how to be a successful leader. Research proves that there are certain qualities, when put into practice, builds more effective leadership skills, resulting in exemplary leaders. In addition, many companies seek a direct correlation between coaching and excellent leadership skills. This course will help you reflect on your competencies and makes you a good leader. The course will provide a way for emerging leaders to examine who they are as leaders and which opportunities present the best fit with their style, strengths, and experiences.

Leadership happens at all levels in organizations, families, and communities. There are many opportunities to lead regardless of whether you hold a formal leadership position. It will also help participants hone their awareness of self and environment on the journey to betterment. Leadership has a major role that plays in our life. A leadership vision helps us come out of our comfort zone and make an impact. Without an articulate leadership vision, you will have a difficult time evaluating the leadership choices in front of you.

The course will also provide practical advice about how to be an effective leader. It will make a notable contribution to each leader’s reflective journey. The ideas will spark renewed energy for participants with years of leadership experience and provide sound advice to individuals who are new to leadership.


Why to Participate?

  • To identify your leadership potential.
  • To develop an efficient leadership vision and ensuring leadership choices.


Course Content:

Day 1: Leadership (My experience) and its Types

Day 2: Do’s and Don’ts of leadership and what do leaders do different from others

Day 3: Image of leaders in Public, how to create, maintain and protect that image

Day 4: Consequences of Good and Bad leadership

Day 5: Creating Next GEN. Leaders and how we, as current leaders can contribute

Day 6: Questioning yourself “Am I A Leader? What makes me a Leader?”

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