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Growth Mindset- Positive mindset to excel in your life and career

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Course Overview:

People are born and leaders are made. Everyone is born with talent and skills but very few people learn how to use the skillset and the talent to their benefit. Most of the time, these talents and potential remain within and never discovered because of the fixed mindset people develop over the years. This training session is an attempt to help you get rid of your fixed mindset and help you achieve immense in personal and professional life.  In this course you will gain a greater insight of the workings of the mind and what are the obstacles we face in gaining control over it and direct it towards positive more soul enriching thoughts.

In addition, it gives you tools that help you identify what’s blocking you personally from being more optimistic, as well as ways you can change the patterns of negative thinking to a more positive, constructive and beneficial thinking. You will also get insights on Fixed Mindset & Growth Mindset. You’ll understand motivation in a different way and set goals that propel you towards how you want to be in life through this course!

Who can take this course?

This course is suitable for all the learners who wants to explore ideas to develop their mindset. This course is highly recommend and exclusive for anyone above 18 year olds with a determination to tap into their potential.


Course Content:

Day 01 

Session 01 – Knowing what Growth is – Q and A / Quiz – 15 – 20 minutes

Session 02 – Doing a SWOT Analysis on self – 30 minutes

Session 03 – Thinking outside the box activity – 5 minutes

Session 04 – Outside the box scenarios and responses – 30 – 40 minute

Session 05 – Session closing and learning outcome


Assignment – Johari window

Day 02

Session 01 – Relating your SWOT and Johari – 30 minutes

Session 02 – Learning outcomes from SWOT and Johari – 30 minutes

Session 03 – Group Discussion on circumstances and way out – 30 minutes

Session 04 – Presenting Outcomes


Day 03 

Session 01 – Making a plan on overall presence for growth (social media and social gathering)

Session 02 – Leadership activity to understand its importance in career and life

Session 03 – The value of time for growth (activity)

Session 04 – Understanding Feedback and Growth


What will you learn from this course?

  • Realizing your own potential
  • Help discover possibilities in life
  • Understand how brain works and sees opportunities
  • Understand motivation and value of time
  • Learn how help mechanism works and understand the value of mentorship.


Skills you will learn:

Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Psychological Skills, Leadership Skills & Decision Making Skills, Motivation Skills, Growth Skills, Adaptability Skills



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