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Financial Literacy Training for Women





Glocal Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with the Embassy of Lithuania, New Delhi introduces the Financial Literacy Training program for women with the objective of promoting financial education and the development of financial literacy knowledge and skills of women in Nepal.


Making effective financial decisions and knowing how to manage money are skills critical to enjoying a secure financial future. Yet many individuals and families, especially women in mostly remote areas lack the knowledge necessary to make sound financial choices, as evidenced by falling savings rates, mounting consumer debt, and a growing dependence on alternative banking institutions. These indicators suggest that access to financial literacy programs is a pressing need in our society, especially for groups such as marginalized women transitioning from welfare to self-sufficiency. 


Financial Literacy Training for Women is a 3-hour training that shall have 35 participants in each batch for a total of 6 batches trained by experienced trainers in relevant fields. The project will strengthen their financial literacy and implementation of financial activities. This project targets women for a financially secure future so that they can contribute to more productivity and better quality of life, making women more responsible for making their own financial decisions. 


Why take this training?

  • Help & guide women to plan ahead of time for their life cycle needs and deal with unexpected burdens & emergencies.
  • Impart knowledge to enable financial planning by an expert trainer, develop saving habits and improve the understanding of the effective use of financial services by women.
  • Disseminate financial information to the whole family, via women.
  • Ease to Access to Finance
  • Help women become financially sustainable, creating their own personal savings accounts.

What you’ll learn:


  1. Financial Management
  2. Measures for Enhancing the Financial Literacy Among Women 
  3. Understanding Need VS Wants
  4. Importance of Financial Awareness and Education
  5. Financial Benefits & Opportunities
  6. Opening Bank Account



Skills you’ll learn:

  • Money Management
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking


Training Duration: 3 hours

Training Cost: FREE


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