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Enterprise Development Facilitator




Course Overview

Enterprise Development Facilitator is course designed by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, for the people who is and are willing to get involved into Entrepreneurship. The course is developed to help the students to developed necessary knowledge, obtain skills for human resource and professional development. The curriculum is designed such that on one side, it provides skills and knowledge and on other side it makes students learning by practicing.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Students will achieve knowledge and skills for different entrepreneurial activities, employment and foreign employment
  • The course helps in development of students for different professional services.
  • Includes in house training and on the job training (internship)
  • Students are entitled and allowed to sit for National Skill Test Examination after taking this course.

Course Content:


  1. Select the business sectors
  2. Social Mobilization for business
  3. Entrepreneurial Identity
  4. Training Management
  5. Train for Start and Improve Your Business, skill development to others
  6. Business Planning
  7. Communication with Financial companies
  8. Technical communication
  9. Ease in Market Relations
  10. Ease for Organizational Development
  11. Business Consultation
  12. Monitoring and Evaluation of projects
  13. Computer & Communication

Duration: 1year, 1500 hours (700 hours training and 800 hours of internship)

Eligibility Criteria: Passed SEE

For Admission: Entrance examination assessed by the institution is to be passed


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