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Course starts: 17th August, 2023 Why take this course?
  • The quality of leadership possesses the power to develop critical logical thinking to turn inevitable obstacles to opportunity.
  • A good leader can increase productivity with the basis of communication skills and networking, mastering the techniques of a good leadership.
What you’ll learn?
  • Create an effective way of connecting to the people and come out with the ability to provide constructive feedback.
  •  Develop and enhance your communication skills
  •  Be confident with yourself and be the source of inspiration for others.
  • Master other cooperative skills like conflict management, teamwork skills and negotiation skills.
  • Nurture optimistic thoughts for the effective running of the organization that will surely meet the organizational goals.
  • Build the courage to admit your weaknesses and work on it for its correction in the near future.
Course Overview Leadership development program is a two-day energizing workshop focusing the change in ‘Journey of being follower to being followed’ which is led forward by the young enthusiastic personal development trainer. Leadership is one of the essential qualities that an individual should have to thrive through adversity and grow. This session is oriented to learn about the: Leader’s qualities, strategic thinking, decision making and problem-solving skills. This session includes the training from grassroot to advanced level. Leadership development workshop consists of a series of learning by effective lectures, presentations, self-assessments, video stimulation, case studies, role – playing activities. This learning session targets the group of aspiring leaders, students, teachers, office staff, higher level executives to create the environment from ‘aspiration to inspiration’.  Skills you’ll learn:
  • Relationship building and maintenance
  • Great communication skills
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Conflict management, teamwork and negotiation skills
  • Critical thinking and optimistic thinking development
  • Problem-solving and strategizing
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Arriving at decisions with a consensus
Know your Trainer: Mr. Prakash Jung Thapa is a dedicated, result-oriented and self-motivated individual with over 10 years of experience in personal development work and researching on psychological well-being. He has worked as a professional facilitator, inspirational speaker, NLP practitioner, Head of the training development. He has already Published 150+ Plus articles related to personal growth and development in a national newspaper Shukrabar weekly, Nagarik Pariwar and Sahityapost. He has designed and delivered self-improvement and certification programs to 100+ Schools/Colleges. Being a young and enthusiastic trainer, he can really tune up with the vibes of the young generation of today. He himself believes in gradual learning and will teach the attendees about the gradual way of practicing leadership. Course Duration: 4 hours Course Cost: FREE
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