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Effective Communication- A road to all round success

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Course Overview:

It is so rightly stated by George Bernard Shaw that ‘The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. Very finely honed communication skills lead us towards being confident communicators. Confident Communicators have a solid understanding of how to impromptu shift the communication style with poise, clarity, and conviction to suit the occasion and minimize the intent impact and thereby experience success easily. Effective communication is therefore a key interpersonal skill and learning how to improve your communication has many benefits.

So through this course, you can learn to ratchet up your communication skills up a notch and walk comfortably on the road to overall all round Success.


Who can take this course?

This course if for every learners who want to develop their communication skills and be confident in both personal and professional life.

Course Content:

Day 01

  • Understanding what is Real Communication
  • Perspectives of Conversational Communication-
  • Overcoming Glossophobia (fear of Public Speaking) through understanding 30 Parameters of communication

Day 02

Building on the real blocks of Communication

10 components of non-verbal aspects

  1. Posture and appearance
  2. Kinesics- Facial Expressions
  3. Kinesics-Gestures and Body Language
  4. Oculesics- Eye contact
  5. Chronemics-Time
  6. Paralanguage-Voice /Volume/ intonation/ Pitch /Enunciation
  7. Appearance and Grooming
  8. Proxemics –Space
  9. Pacing
  10. Use of Visual Aid

Day 03

  • Getting a deep insight of the ‘Trilogy of communication’
  • Crafting, Structuring and delivering speeches through appropriate Diagnosis/Design /Delivery

Day 04

  • Facts tell Stories Sell – Importance of Stories/examples /anecdotes/Rule of 3 in Communication
  • Mastering the art of powerful openings and closes

Day 05

  • Exhibiting the developed repertoire of skills to express and impress with both intrinsic and extrinsic substance and style

What will you learn from this session?

  1. Prospects of Effective Communication
  2. Approaches, frameworks, and tools for communicating effectively.
  3. Components of Non-Verbal Aspects
  4. Insights of Trilogy of Communication
  5. Discover your own communication strengths to build effective relationships in your professional or personal lives.
  6. Mastery of communication concepts & Drills to enable you to comfortably communicate with anyone

Skills you will learn:

Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Questioning Skills, Listening Skills, Public Speaking Skills


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