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Django for Beginners


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Django for beginners is a beginner-focused course that will introduce you to the basic use of Django to create dynamic database-driven websites. The course needs no previous experience with Django but little python knowledge is a bonus. Course will guide you to create your very own Blog website using Django. The course will be very easy to follow as it is more focused on developers who are just entering into the web development world of python using Django.

What you will be able to do after joining this course:

  • Know fundamental concept of MVT pattern
  • Setup Developer Environment to work with Django
  • Work with isolated virtual environments
  • Create basic database-driven web application using Django
  • Work with basic Jinja 2 syntax in template
  • Customize Admin panel of Django in more detail

Better to have before:

  • Have Python, Visual Studio Code and Git Bash installed on your system.

If not then here is the link to do just that:





  • Basic HTML and Python Knowledge is app (Not a must)

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