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Why take this course?

  • Django for Beginners is a project-based introduction to Django, the popular Python-based web framework. Suitable for total beginners who have never built a website before as well as professional programmers looking for a fast-paced guide to modern web development and Django fundamentals.
  • If you’re curious about Python-based web development, Django for Beginners is a best practices guide to writing and deploying your own websites quickly.


What you’ll learn?

  • Introduction to Python and Django
  • Understanding Django and MTV Pattern
  • Creating Models for Django


Course Overview:

Django for beginners is a beginner-focused course that will introduce you to the basic use of Django to create dynamic database-driven websites. The course needs no previous experience with Django but little python knowledge is a bonus. The course will guide you to create your very own Blog website using Django. The course will be very easy to follow as it is more focused on developers who are just entering into the web development world of python using Django. Participants will be introduced to Python and Django, and also about how it works. They will learn the basics of website creation. The course will cover the fundamentals of python in brief and at the end set up the Django project for the next day, to learn about website making in detail. Here the participants will get to learn about the detailed study of Django, which is a Python-based free and open-source web framework, which follows the model-template-view architectural (MTV) pattern. They will be taught the fundamental concept of MVT pattern and also about how to work with the URL views and templates, passing data from views to templates. Bootstrap in template and developing a proper project structure will be the other essential learnings. The participants are directed to work with models, firstly creating migration for database models. You will learn the way to register the model in the Django admin panel. They will be introduced to Django ORM to work with query sets and also make them familiar with bootstrap grid. Other learnings include using the Jinja Templating engine, Customize Admin panel of Django in more detail, and creating a list view for blogs.


Skills you’ll learn:

Programming Skills

Technical Skills


Know your Trainer:

Mr. Samir Phuyal is an emerging entrepreneur from Morang. He is passionate about technology. He develops websites and apps that solve the problem in society. He has also been awarded the title Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero, 2019 for his contribution.
Samir has taught more than 13k people worldwide about Django through the Udemy app to build a powerful web application. He has also developed the Magic of Words Summaries and QnA app to help +2 students on their course. Additionally, He is also running ICT Gyan YouTube Channel which teaches Web Development and Programming in the Nepali Language. He has helped several local businesses to build their online presence by building their websites and growing their Facebook page online. He has also developed several education mobile applications that are currently being used by thousands of Nepali students. Recently, He has co-founded Shree Gyan Sagar Montessori School in his locality at Gothgaon.
Course Duration: 6 hours (3 days)
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