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Core and Advance Python | Django/Flask Webinar

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Webinar Overview:

Python is very powerful language and has its presence in each field of computer science and others. When we talk about programming, web-designing, GUI-Application development, Game designing, Data Science, Hacking, Scientific Research and Data Analytics etc. in each field Python have its wide scope and role. This webinar will help you in understanding the broader concept regarding Python, Django and Flask.

Core-Python –This is the fundamental course of python or we can say introduction to python language. It helps you to understand about programming and coding as well as grow your roots into python.

Advance-Python –This is an advance course of python to make you an industry ready. This course leads you to understand advanced concepts of programming such as sockets, Multithreading, Networking Tools, Web Frameworks (Django), GUI-Applications (Tkinter), Urllib, NumPy, SciPy, Nmap and OpenCV.


Webinar Content:

  • Introduction to python
  • Installation
  • Data structure
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Basic of Django/ Flask
  • Tkinter application in python

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