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Online Film Making Boot Camp by Glocal After School

Film Making Workshop

Boot Camp Overview

Glocal After School (venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd.) has designed a 7 days online film making boot camp. The camp is being organized for the aspiring youth who want to build their career in film making.  This is a package where the participants could get the skills and knowledge necessary to be a film maker from experienced trainers and facilitators. The camp will be a platform for the youth to explore-engage and learn about the skills to make a film like acting, script writing, direction, etc.

Upon the completion of the boot camp, a project shall be given to the participants (interested participants) as a platform for them to implicate their learning’s practically; it could be creating a short films among which best films will be broadcasted from Glocal’s official social media pages and Reality TV on DishHome.


Most of us spend our leisure time watching various movies, videos, series, documentaries, etc.; most of us even wonder, what does it takes for a story to come out as a movie. There are movies which relates with our own life as well and some being fictional to the artificial stories serves as an entertaining factors. If we look today, film making have created a big market and has a huge scope for aspiring film makers.

Many of us have skills to express our feeling through amazing words and writings; all we need is motivation and platform to showcase that skills. Some of us excel in skills like writing or acting or directing and when we combine these skills on a same plate, creativity comes out. There has been many film organizations who provide these sorts of skills but separately, that is why Glocal After School have brought up a platform to where one can learn all these skills in a package.

GAS had run an online course few days back for acting and script writing course of 6 hours each. With the interest, passion, dedication and feedbacks of participants seen during those courses we came up with this idea of organizing this boot camp which we can take this forward as the next session towards film making.

A platform for aspiring film makers to learn film making skills and knowledge from experts.

Why to participate in the Boot Camp?

You get to learn from national and internationally recognized trainers and guest speakers on a same platform.

You own the ideas, knowledge, skills and secrets for film making through expertise of the respective field.

You learn the essentials of film making on your own in just a week.

Boot Camp schedule

Date Major Activities
21st June Introduction; Orientation; Guest Session; Overview on Script Writing Course
22nd June Script Writing Course
23rd June Guest Session; Script Writing Course; Guest session
24th June Acting Workshop
25th June Guest Session; Acting Workshop; Guest session
26th June Direction Course
27th June Direction Course; Guest session; Conclusion


Guest Speakers

Boot Camp Concept

Looking at the present pandemic situation and lockdown, the boot camp will be organized virtually where participants and trainers come together in an online platform created through Glocal After School. This boot camp would be of 21 productive hours which will be segregated into live session; guest speakers; reading, writing activities, and much more to explore.

The boot camp is totally a learning journey which will be of 7 days for participants aged from 20-40 years. The participants will be selected with some basic criteria as;

  • Aged between 20-40 years;
  • Committed to complete the session and overall activities with full enthusiasm and engagements.
  • Holds a passion to curate film-making skills.

The boot camp journey would take you to orientation, workshops, guest sessions and engaging activities. Majorly 3 courses will be covered; Script writing, Acting and Directing which will shape you in to be skilled towards film making.

All the respective courses will be of 6 hours with a guest session in each section which we believe will to make the courses effective.

The Registration is closed.

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