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Build in The We Attitude

By improving the ability of members to build and serve on high-performance, effective teams, this program will optimize member participation and encourage the fun and festivity provided by group

Improving the ability of members to build effective teams will help our organization better meet its goals and objectives.
Course Outlines:
•    the dynamics and skills involved in becoming an effective, high-performance team
•    how to effectively communicate with one another.
•    how to define roles.
•    how to recognize and use helpful behavior.
•    how to avoid and overcome destructive behavior. team decision making and problem solving.
Course highlights:

Communication & personality development combined

It is said that communication is the knitting that holds the organization together and therefore is vital for its success.

Key Takeways
Communication – Power of Human Being
Communication – Drive People with Passion by using Body Language
Communication – Listening Skills
Communicating Effectively to Drive Performance
Presenting Ideas in a Structure Manner
Making Communication as your Strength
This interactive workshop will provide opportunities to individuals in understanding the key issues they are facing along with tips on how to create a roadmap for change in their own behavior.
By utilizing case studies, simulation exercise and games we will make sure that participants choose the right issues and explore the same for the right change they seek to manage the most.


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