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Script Writing


This Course Includes

Course starts August 1, 2023

Why take a scriptwriting course?

  • It's never too late to develop a career in script writing.
  • Scriptwriting can enhance your skills in the market and monetize your passion.  
  • Script writing requires the process of writing from your imaginations to the right orders.
  • Writing requires guidance and scriptwriting can make you towards framing a story that will convert into screen eventually.   .
  • The maximum regular word, whilst placed into place, all at once acquires brilliance. Script writing course helps you to master the art of writing.. 
  • The course is for anyone wanting a stimulating and accessible way of writing script for short movies.

What you’ll learn?

  • You’ll learn from a mixture of basic theory, script analysis and practical exercises
  • key concepts necessary to write an effective screenplay
  • Crafting Idea, Plot, Theme & Logline
  • Human Emotions (Navarasa)
  • Development of basic storyline. 
  • Be fluent in the language used to discuss the form
  • Process of screenplay formatting. 

Course Overview:

Script writing courses are the most popular course in today's world. Script writing courses can help you to be creative and enhance your writing skills, which can turn your passion into a career. Glocal After School is bringing the most amazing online  script writing course again, where you will learn the various tips, techniques and process of script writing. It is 14 hours long online course which will be facilitated by Ms. Sampada Malla.  

Script writing is the formation of writing for films, television and other screenplay topics. There are several types of screenplays, including comic book screenplays, film screenplays, plays, and reading theater. Script writing is used to present a story through narration, dialogue, and acting. Script writing can be customized from many different things, including books and themes.

This course can help you to write scripts that could be used for Youtube, radio shows, TV and all the way to screenplays for movies. It could also involve writing scripts for advertising or for instructional/training videos.

Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Writing Skills.
  • Word selection skills. 
  • Use of the right language. 
  • Imprint your imagination into words. 
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Emotional Intelligence.

Know your Trainer:

Ms. Sampada Malla, the Board and Creative Director of the Sarwanam theater group is a Nepal and Mumbai-based filmmaker, writer, and theater person. Talking about her endeavors, she has worked as a scriptwriter for many television series broadcasted in Indian National daily like Star plus, Colors, Zee TV, Channel V, and many more. Likewise, she was also the scriptwriter of one of the most beloved Nepali TV series,” Singha Durbar.” As an international award winner for her short film, ‘Chyanti,’ she is on the verge of releasing another masterpiece called “Kathaputali.” Currently, she also works as a mentor for scriptwriting for renowned film-making institutions of Nepal.

Date: 1st August - 7th August  

Time: 6pm-8pm 

Course Duration: 14 hours 

Course Price: NRs. 1500

Course Curriculum

          • Script Quiz 00:05:00
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