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The professional writing is focused to beginners for writing effective documents in the workplace. The courses include making resume, cover letter, official email, business documents and reports. The program is designed to brush the skill of the learners and imply effectively.

Build confidence by improving your writing’s organization, logic and style so that whatever kind of writing your work requires, you can get your point across eloquently and quickly. Delve into the details of the writing process: identifying an audience, choosing the best structure and revising early drafts of your work.


  1. Grant proposal writing

Understand the types of information that are essential in proposal. The course guides to build an effective proposal documenting the organizational goals. You will be able to make doable evaluation plan, create a budget and finally shaping it in a perfect structure. The course makes you prepared to find and work with the funders that are right for you.




  1. Business writing

Professionalism in writing email help to communicate better and well formatted and clear reports makes you productive in an organization. This course intends to provide professional skills for efficient communication and writing.

  1. Making Resume

The first paper to make people sellable in the market is CV. The basic essential for employability is the best resume. Writing resume structurally requires the skill and illustrate your strength and weakness. The course content includes to know who you are, types of CV, structuring CV

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