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Why Photoshop Course for beginners?

  • Learning Photoshop is essential if you work in a graphic design, web design, or user experience role.
  • Adobe Photoshop has taken the creative world by storm. This powerful image-editing program has become a standard tool in careers such as graphic design and photography, but it can also be a highly valuable skill to have in a number.

What you’ll learn?

  • Use of Adobe Photoshop Software
  • Advanced tips, techniques & extensions in Photoshop training
  • Basic design introduction and follow it up with tools like Selection tools, manipulation tools, creation tools, and workspace tools.
  • Fundamentals of two-dimensional design concepts, developing their artistic skills and practical knowledge

Course Overview:

In this interactive online tutorial, we get to learn from the Certified Experts about the Fundamentals of Photoshop.

Our amazing tutors cover all there is to know from Navigating around your workspace, Optimizing Photoshop settings, adding other programs that help you in everyday life as a designer, Complete Masking Techniques, how other adobe programs such as Adobe Bridge and Lightroom work, and help your document save itself before the crash. It also covers shortcut keys and techniques so that you can improve your workflow all in a one-on-one package just for you. The course also covers importing and working with various images, cleaning up acne in photos, removing objects from images, apply effects, working with vector files, exporting, and more. This is a great place to begin your learning.

Skills You’ll Learn:

Designing Skills

Photoshop Skills


Know your Trainer:

Tufail Shah is a Freelance Designer and Marketer who helps young professionals and writers build a top-level practical design and set up a career in this field online. Before starting as a designer,  from any field can learn and grow this skill. He is a certified learner of Photoshop’s ins and out of this field and now helps young and diverse people to get into this exciting design world.

Course Duration: 6 hours (3 days)


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