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Why take this course on Online Brand Lab?

  • Understanding the brand is very vital today, from students to professionals to entrepreneurs.
  • A good brand strategy helps an individual or organization to create a standard picture that will stand different among the crowd.
  • It will not only help the customers to identify but also make them loyal towards your product or services.


What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding brand
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand Identity & Brand Personality
  • Brand Positioning & Repositioning


Course Overview:

Think how Wai Wai, Goldstar, Esewa, food mandu, QFX, Himalayan Java are the first names when there is a choice of a product or services in the respective sectors. It’s all because of their brand.  It takes time to build a brand that can stand out. Brand Lab is a 5-day course on understanding the basics of the brand on how it works. It aims to make you understand the basics of the brand activities. The brand lab will try to address questions such as What it is?  How does it work? Why it is important? And most importantly how to build a brand that can stand out? What you show, what you say, and what you do makes a brand. In this topic, we will learn about the brand introduction. How branding is different from marketing or sales, is another important aspect that will be covered in this section.  In this topic, we will be covering the identification of niche, developing a unique quality that separates you from the rest. How to craft the impression that you want your customer to have about your brand. In this course, we will be talking about different brand architecture that is being used by national and international companies. Their construction, pros, and cons. We will be also discussing what kind of brand architecture will suit your company.

Brand identity is not only a logo or designing material. There are many other things that need to be covered. Under this topic we will be discussing the things that make people identify a brand and how can we use them to build our own brand personality. When we see the word Patanjali the first thing that comes to our mind is herbal products. That is the result of brand positioning. So, it is important to well position the brand in the customer mindset. Under this topic, we will be discussing how and where should we position the brand and will be doing a case study of different brands in the market. Under Brand Equity & Branding in Nepal topic, we will be discussing the introduction, elaboration, and fortification that should be done to manage brand equity. We will also be discussing how we can add value to our product by using branding.


Skills you’ll learn:

Branding Skills

Management Skills

Marketing Skills


Know your Trainers:

Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhary

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury is a leading media and communication academic of India, having been earlier the Dean of Media of Symbiosis (Pune) and Amity (Mumbai) Universities, Whistling Woods International (Mumbai), and Pearl Academy of Delhi and Mumbai. He is known for his convergent approach to media education starting from an integrated broad base leading to focused specialization at the top. He is known face in TV studio debates and a regular writer in Indian media. He had earlier been employed with Business Inida TV, Zee News, Times of India Group, WHO Media, et al.


Lily Maley
Lily’s self-taught design/code as a single college mom led to running global brand for a large corporation; clients include the Office of the President and many of the Fortune 500. She’s a published CMO, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 nominee, and founder of http://www.mamabear.digital, an agency providing full-scope digital services while mentoring women launching tech careers.


Saurabh Jyoti
Saurabh Jyoti is a leading businessman in Nepal. The Director of Jyoti Group of Companies and the Chairman of Syakar Trading Company (authorized distributors of Honda automobiles

Course Duration: 10 hours (5 days)

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