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All of us face minor problems with our computers at office. Most of the time we have to call the IT person and they fix the problem in a few click. Frustrating, right? Most of the problems we face in computers don’t need an expert. They can be fixed with some general knowledge. Not only fixing problems, the computer that you use can contribute to your productivity exponentially. You just need to learn some basics. With this new-found productivity, you can use your computer like a Geek and also gain a lot of respect for your capabilities and skills.

Course Titles:

  • My Internet is not working
  • My Computer Sucks
  • What the Email??
  • Look at the data!!
  • Call a Data Analyst?
  • The Website Guy
  • My Data is in Cloud

Learning Goals:

  • Data management in the cloud
  • Create website in 30 minutes, understanding CMS
  • How to use data analysis tools
  • Data collection and analysis with online tools
  • How to use excel
  • Fixing internet problems and router setup
  • Learn email configuration, merging emails, use mail chimp, etc.

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