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Apart from the experience now, one of the major components for selling in the hospitality sector would be the hygiene and secure experience of the guest, and only providing that is not enough, it is similarly necessary to bring forward good ways to market the hotel digitally in the same manner. This training will deal with the same agenda. The Training will be as per the New normal protocols for Hotels and restaurants Post COVID-19 by NTB.

The training is divided into two components – Security & Digital Marketing.

Fundamentals for Secured Stay and Experience

The training for this component would be Mr. Roopesh Shrestha, Ph.D. Scholar Hospitality Consultant for Hotels & Colleges.

Training will cover the following details:

  1. Introduction- COVID 19 and Travel and Hospitality
  2. Opportunity to reset and refocus
  3. Restart protocol or Reopening procedures
  4. Protocol for hotels and restaurants, Tours and Travels
  5. Specific to the department as per needed
  6. Post COVID terminologies
  7. Hotels and Restaurants and Travels and tours protocol checklist.
  8. The hotels of the future
  9. Things to remember and Q & A

Marketing – Focusing on Digital

The training for this component would be Mr. Prakash Khatiwada. He is an SEO consultant and a social media strategist.

The session will be covering the main elements as:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. SEO
  4. Content marketing


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