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If you want to start something new, planning to start something or have already started, the process of taking action and generating ideas is important. The risk involved in the process, building team, finding the best market and opportunities, making the right decisions, etc. all falls under being an entrepreneurship and one must be able to take all these risk to be an entrepreneur. From setting entrepreneurial mind-set in regards to the passion, profession, interest to finding and creating opportunities is included in Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.

Moreover, the course also includes sharing of entrepreneurship stories and possibilities by prominent and experienced entrepreneurs. Touching the perspectives of funding opportunities, process involved, the students will be trained to documentation, networking, negotiation, communication and pitching.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship, startup ecosystem, business intelligence
  • Market Research to Ideation to Business Plan development
  • Startup Idea to MVC to business model to revenue model to traction to scaling up.
  • Boot strapping
  • Social Entrepreneurship for a sustainable business.
  • Investment Eco-system Understanding for first generation Entrepreneurs–
  • Angel, Series A, Series B, VC, PE, IPO.
  • Investor relations and business management

Duration: 5 nights, 6 days

Location:- Ramoji Krian University, Hyderabad, India

Program Date- July 4 to July 9

For Registration:-https://glocalafterschool.com/registration-for-entrepreneurship-boot-camp/


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