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The Design Thinking Course provides a framework process and methods for you to solve problems, innovate and create solutions.


This Course Includes

Why take this course on Design Thinking?

  • You can learn ways to innovate, solve problems and build your creative confidence and grow your skills and growth mindset to improve your success.
  • The Design Thinking Process and methods apply across disciplines, products or services, and industry types.
  • The examples and real-world Case Studies show you how Design Thinking methods are applied or where they should be applied.

What you’ll learn:

  • Gain knowledge of the systematic problem-solving process and steps.
  • Learn creative methods to come up with ideas
  • Learn to make simple mock-ups to represent ideas
  • Learn methods to test ideas and gather feedback from customers
  • Enhance customer experiences by improving products, services, and systems.

Course Overview:

The Design Thinking Course provides a framework process and methods for you to solve problems, innovate and create solutions. It guides you through the 5 Stages Principles and activities. It includes interesting examples and Case studies to learn from. These skills and knowledge are sought after in jobs, as an individual and in teamwork.

Skills you will learn:

  • Management Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Business Skills

Know your Trainer:

Dr. Aruna Shekar, Honorary Fellow & Innovation Coach, Massey University, New Zealand. Dr Aruna Shekar (Ph.D.) has taught Product Innovation for 25+ years at Massey University, New Zealand. She has coordinated product design projects with the industry and trained hundreds of young entrepreneurs/ innovators. Aruna has more than 50 publications in International Journals and Conferences to her credit, including writing books and book chapters on Product Innovation.

Aruna established and served as Foundation President of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) in New Zealand (www.pdma-nz.org), and continues on the Board. Appointed as Vice President (Asia-Pacific) for PDMA-USA in 2017, she has led the global Chapters in the region - Australia, India, Indonesia, and Korea. Aruna is Certified as an Innovation trainer by the PDMA (USA). As an educator, she champions the application of design thinking and product management skills that help lead and manage projects successfully; and generate meaningful solutions. Her passion is to develop people’s innovative mindsets and skills so that they can solve problems and create a better world.

Course Duration: 10+ Hours

Course Cost: NRs. 1999

Course Curriculum


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