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Why take this course?

  • It is a special Session on Retention and Recovery Formula for Business communities.
  • It was conducted to provide a basic understanding of the nature of the Crisis, external/internal factors, and also about how to cope p with the crisis scenario knowing its nature. In addition to this, the course also provided a brief highlight on Past Pandemics and Past Crisis impacts of COVID-19 in the travel trade and also discussed ways to handle crisis set a new mindset during crisis along with actions to focus on.

What you’ll learn?


  • the nature of Crisis,
  • external/internal factors,
  • Crisis comes suddenly.
  • how to receive crisis when it comes.
  • Brief highlight on PastPandemics and Past Crisis Impact of COVID-19 in the travel trade


  • set a new mindset and heart set during crisis things to avoid and actions to focus on.
  • Coordination and communication


  • Positivity Survival strategy of the business,
  • Maintaining Resilience
  • Engaging Constructive engagement during the crisis and keeping oneself active with productive instinct.
  • Bouncing(back) Innovate something Post Crisis Planning and recovery actions Collaboration and Communication Preparedness for future Crisis lessons to be learned from crisis we go through and preparedness for future crisis.


Course Overview:

The course will deal with retaining the positivity survival strategy of the business, maintaining resilience, engaging in constructive engagement during the crisis, and keeping oneself active with productive instinct. It also explained the key strategies for crisis planning, prevention, response, and recovery, also guide the Preparedness for future Crisis lessons, and also how to innovate post-crisis planning and recovery actions. To be more specific, it was all about how to bounce back.


Skills you’ll learn:


Crisis Management


Know your Trainer:

Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Tourism Board (National Tourism Organization of Nepal) from December 2016 – December 2019. During his 20 years of work experience in destination management, tourism promotion, and Public-Private partnerships, Mr. Joshi has worked with many levels of tourism professionals of Nepal and also has a good network with top international partners. Mr. Joshi also has a special interest in the sustainable tourism development sector and was an Executive Council Member of Bird Conservation Nepal from 2009 to 2014 and he has also served at Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) being in the Executive Board and Chairperson for Destination Committee-PATA.


Course Duration: 2 hours (1 day)

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