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Yukta Sunuwar

The free provision of online learning enabled an easy and safe way of joining the festival and the friendly virtual environment of zoom made me really comfortable attending from my home. Also, the host and organizers were really precise with the event so our workshops ran really well. I even made new friends there and really enjoyed the entire event. Through my registered classes I covered much information about public speaking and got guidance for my further studies and career path. Apart from such, I practiced discipline and patient I needed to show during virtual interactions and friendliness from the rest of my friends and the Glocal team.

I would like to thank the KWS and Glocal team for organizing such events and helping create a learning environment despite such conditions. Hope it will continue furthermore in the future and include other activities that can include sports or debates after the situation gets favorable. Once again thank you very much and best of luck for the success.

June 25, 2021

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