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Welcome to the South Asian Youth Festival 2020

Organized in collaboration with Glocal Pvt. Ltd.; UNICEF; UNESCO; A2I, Bangladesh; Cabinet Division; UNDP; National Youth Council; Maldives National Youth Council; CocaCola, Nepal; South South Network; Konnect; Turkish Airlines; CYDA, India; CYN, Srilanka; Dynamic Youth Afghanistan; Pinnacle Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Maldives; with a motive to celebrate the International Youth Day & to celebrate youth energy, creativity, enthusiasm & success !

Join South Asian Youth Group

The South Asian Youth Group is all about youth representation having different insights, perspectives, cultural background from all over the South Asia Region. Youth have the creativity, the potential and the capacity to make change happen – for themselves, for their communities, and for the rest of the world. The SAY Group accompanies young people and its aim is to accompany them to work together to drive s innovation and change, participate fully in the development of their societies. We encourage youths from all over South Asia to be a member of the group to empower young people, foster and support each other’s actions, promote partnership and bring change in the world. Because we believe in #IAMTHESOLUTION

Festival Format

Youth from South Asian Countries can participate in the festival, through the prescribed guidelines.

You have to register for the interested activities to participate where you will be asked to submit the form, that’s it!

We have exciting hampers for the winners of the competition and will receive a certificate.

The festival is divided into various categories for the youth to participate.

Exciting Categories to participate

Insightful Panel Discussions

Skillful Workshops

Creative Competitions


All the panel discussions are focused on youth engagement & encouragement, getting skilled, highlighting challenges and bringing the solutions. We have speakers from different field of the South Asian Countries to share their experience and insights.

Get inspired listening to our amazing speakers from South Asian Countries.

Opening Panel

August 12, 2020 | 3 PM Onwards

Entrepreneurship & Skill Panel

August 13, 2020 | 5 PM Onwards

Youth Social Engagement

August 14, 2020 | 5 PM Onwards


August 15, 2020 | 5 PM Onwards

Making Youth Future Ready

Knowledge Maestro

August 22, 2020 | 5 PM Onwards

Knowledge Maestro by Glocal After School – South Asian Edition This is a friendly, online real time quiz competition organized to make young people engaged in intellectual activities. The competition will be made available to the South Asian youth aged 15-24 years old to participate through Glocal After School. The quiz is based on the youths engagement in world affairs, which will help youths to be aware about the things happening around the world as well as make them intellect in different aspects. Youths all over South Asia are encouraged to participate in this friendly and fun online quiz competition. Learn and Share your knowledge through Knowledge Maestro !

The competition will be held online through the official portal hosted by Glocal After School itself;

Every participant will be cleared with the do’s and don’ts before the competition (like, participant should have 2 devices (mobile and laptop, etc) as the competition will be done through video conference);

Every participant should have the ideal network connection;

Registration to the competition is free of cost.

Creative Writing Competition

Writing Competition: Young writers are invited to show your writing skills and share about your ideas and thinking about the solutions to the global issues.

South Asian region holds the highest number of youths in the world and a report by UNICEF says that, one of the biggest issue that prevails among the youths of today is skill gap. Also, it has been predicted that, youths of today doesn’t perceive right set of skill for the upcoming jobs by the year 2030.

This writing competition is based on the solution to one of the biggest issue i.e. Skill Gap among youths in South Asia Region. Here we call for informative and innovative solutions from the youths itself and write about your approach to the issue titled as “Reimagining Youth Employment and Skilling Solutions”.


  1. The writing should be 800- 1000 words on the topic “Reimagining Youth Employment and Skilling Solution”
  2. The writing should have heading/title; body content and conclusion.
  3. The writing must be written in English Language.
  4. Please mention the tagline #IAMTHESOLUTION on your writing.

Painting Competition

Young Artist from South Asia are encouraged to participate for the painting competition themed “Reimagining Youth Employment and Skilling Solution” to shed light on how youths in the South Asia region are rising to meet the challenges of Skill Gap. Today, it is seen that skilling are falling short and too many young people are not keeping pace with the evolving demands of employment and so, if young people are prepared with the right skills for work, they can lift up the nation.

This competition encourages submission of artistic expressions to present your emotions, ideas and innovative thoughts to the solution, as they say, “A Picture is worth thousand words”.


  1. There are two categories:

Youths aged between 15 and 18

Youths aged between 19 and 24

  1. You can submit your artwork based on your age, one from each of the category, above.
  2. The artwork should be on Canvas/A4 Paper – oil, water colors, pencil, crayons.
  3. Your submission should be in (jpeg, png, pdf) format.
  4. Use the tagline #IAMTHESOLUTION on your artwork.

Video Making Competition

Youth all over South Asia is invited to create and submit videos on ‘Youth Engagement to Global Action’ with the tagline #IamtheSolution for the world to see how youths have been mobilizing on solving the global issues. This is an excellent chance for youths to use and hone your creative skills, alongside contributing in bringing solutions in the community.

The video should on the theme Reimagining Youth Employment and Skilling Solution highlight how the issues have been identified, how it is relevant to the cause and, most importantly, how strongly the message has been conveyed through this video. In addition to identifying a key area, participants should project solutions for the highlighted issues in their video.

Entry Guidelines:

  1. There are two categories:

Youths aged between 15 and 18

Youths aged between 19 and 24

  1. You can submit your video based on your age, one from each of the category, above.
  2. You should submit video content as mp4 file
  3. It should be a video of no more than 3 minutes recorded on any device such as phones, iPad, video camera, etc.
  4. Production quality is not included in our judging criteria
  5. We suggest to make the video in English language, if not, please place a subtitle on the video.
  6. Mention the tagline #IAMTHESOLUTION on your video.


Youth Empowerment for Active Citizenship

Workshop by: Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Adamas University, India


The workshop will help participants in developing self-capabilities

through various skills of like Self-management, Communication, etc.

This workshop will help participants in developing their resilience power,

empathetic skills and respect toward the diversity. Participants will be

encouraged to be active and participative in coming days.

Public Speaking Workshop

Workshop by : Mr. Pradeep Raj Ghimire, Co-founder, Debate Network Nepal


Public speaking workshop is a brief, yet fun and powerful

workshop designed to amplify the speaking skills; its core content

includes ideas, both basic and advanced, on how to be more persuasive

and how to do better – content, style and strategy wise. The workshop will dig out

answers to the very questions of why speaking is necessary, why we are hesitant or

afraid, and why do we deliver ineffective speeches as we introspect to

discover and attempt to strengthen the speaker within us.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Workshop by: Benislos Thushan, Founder & Chief Instructor, Digital Storytelling, Sri Lanka


This workshop will help them in understanding the power of storytelling.

The free session will be comprised of contents like concept of storytelling,

narrative, about the storyteller and audience; tools for storytelling

and tips to make the story attractive and informative. 

Virtual Strategy for Productive Team

Mr. Rajiv Sharma, Managing Director, Jobs Dynamics Pvt, Ltd, Nepal


Adapting the reality of present situation; where we are being

limited toward digital platforms; it is being quite challenging

to cope with friends, team members in planning and executing.

The session will help participants in understanding the problems

and help them in developing the solutions for the better functioning.

Not only that but will work as a catalyst in understanding how to

engage team virtually; use of virtual productivity tools for managing

and solving team members problems.


What is South Asian Youth Festival 2020?

South Asian Youth Festival 2020 is the festival being organized for the youth of South Asian Countries celebrating International Youth Day 2020 and will be organizing series of events and sessions for the empowerment of youth. The festival is the platform for youth to be connected with the others of same age.

Why to participate in this festival?

This is a perfect time for youth to get engaged in various skill-oriented events and sessions. The activities of the festival offers are easy to participants, free of cost and really engaging.

When is the event?

The festival will begin on 12th of August 2020 and end in 4th of September 2020 after the announcement of the winners the Competition. There are different deadlines for different activities.

Who can apply for the event?

Youth from South Asian Countries are eligible to apply for the event.

Do we need to pay for the event?

All the activities in this festival are free. You just need to register to the activity that interests you.

Can I register for multiple workshops?

Yes, you can register for multiple workshops.

Through which medium Can I attend workshops and sessions?

You can attend different sessions and workshop via ZOOM app.


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