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Skilled Voice with Nirvana Chaudhary

Series I: Skilled Voice with Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary
Managing Director of Chaudhary Group, Nirvana Chaudhary is also involved as the board member of Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Vice President of Confederation of Nepalese Industries. Born in 1982, he has been working in the sectors such as Food, beverages, hotels and resorts, education, telecom, electronics, real estate, biotech, cement, and other financial services. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Nirvana is music and art enthusiast. With numbers of achievements in corporate world, he regards hard work and dedication as key to success. He has also been working for social benefits from Chaudhary Foundation.
Skilled Voice Series is an initiation of Glocal After School as a forum to hear the stories and experiences of a skillful journey from the speakers. The speakers will be talking about how skills have helped and shaped them to grow in their personal and professional life, the possibilities of development and opportunities youth of today can pursue through skills with the futuristic vision.
The series will be held twice in a month.
For this Series, we have Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary.
Only 20 seats available.

The participants will be registered on the basis of first come first serve.

The final registered participants will get selection email.

Registration is Closed.

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