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Skilled Voice with Mr. Narottam Aryal

Series I: Skilled Voice with Mr. Narottam Aryal

Narottam Aryal is the executive director of King’s College. Ever since his graduation in 1999 he has been working with Nepalese higher education especially in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Narottam also served as the convener of the Startup Ecosystem Development Committee of Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal for a period of one year in the year 2017. Narottam was awarded as the Manager of the Year 2013 by Management Association of Nepal.

A firm believer of freedom and actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship Narottam is in the mission of democratizing the wealth creation in Nepalese Society.

Skilled Voice Series is an initiation of Glocal After School as a forum to hear the stories and experiences of a skillful journey from the speakers. The speakers will be talking about how skills have helped and shaped them to grow in their personal and professional life, the possibilities of development and opportunities youth of today can pursue through skills with the futuristic vision.

Only 20 seats available.

Deadline 14th August

The participants will be registered on the basis of first come first serve.

The final registered participants will get selection email.

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