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Upskilling Your Business Etiquette for Professional Success


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Starts September 13, 2021

Why take this course about Upskilling Your Business Etiquette?

• This course will guide you on ways to create a professional image, and maintain positive office relationships, introduce people properly, be a good conversationalist, and follow proper etiquette in meetings and job interviews.

• It will teach you the use the Internet appropriately when at work, handle ethical dilemmas and personal issues in the workplace, Display courtesy on the telephone, in voice mails, and in written communications, follow proper etiquette at business functions and dinners, and Prepare for intercultural communication and international business trips.

What You’ll learn?

Day 01 – Do Manners Matter? & How to Make an Impression

● The Case for Business Etiquette

● The ABC of Business Etiquette

● Don’t Skip Your Soft Skills

● First Impressions do count

● Dressing for success

● Grooming Body Language

Day 02 – Establishing Rapport, Building Professional Image, and Social Skills

● Introduction Etiquette

● The Meet and Greet

● Giving and taking Compliments

● Business card basics for effective networking

● Acing Job Interviews

● Meeting Protocols

● Hosting or Attending? Gracious Host, Gracious Guest

● Awkward Dining Moments

● Dining with Confidence

Day Three – Netiquette – Manners in the Online World & Intercultural Etiquette

● Civility on the Internet

● Perfecting your Email Etiquette

● Social Media 101

● Understanding Cultures

● Etiquette Variation

Course Overview:

In today’s hyper-competitive workplace, knowing how to behave can make the difference between getting ahead and being left behind. Success in any industry relies on relationships: with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you are polite and considerate in dealing with others, you are more likely to create engaging, productive, and long-term business relationships. This is why knowledge of business etiquette is vital.

This training will introduce participants to the principles of building and maintaining professional relationships, as well as provides critical tools to help you meet the challenges of the work world with confidence and poise.

Skills you’ll Learn:

  • Business Communication
  • Soft Skills
  • Creativity & Productivity
  • Decision Making Skills

Know your Trainer:

Ms. Tejaswi Sharma, Corporate Trainer

Tejaswi Sharma is an experienced educator committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. She is involved with various top-rated Business Schools in Nepal and facilitates MBA students on core concepts of Managerial Communication, Conflict Management, and Negotiating Skills. She has a wide array of experience in working with International Universities in conducting various undergraduate and graduate-level programs. She received her Dual EMBA degree with a specialization in International Business and International Financial Management from Mumbai, India.

Before establishing herself as a full-time academician, she served Nepal Spot Exchange Limited as the CEO for five years. Her six years tenure in the derivatives market was marked with proven abilities in problem-solving, people management, and commitment to professional ethics and standards of practice. In addition to teaching, she works as a freelance speaker and trainer at various corporate events.

Course Hours:6 Hours (3 Days)

Course Cost: Rs. 1000


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