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Understanding Emotional Intelligence through Spiritual Perspective


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Starts August 03, 2021

Why attend session on emotional intelligence?

· Spirituality develops the intrapersonal and interpersonal competences that are the components of emotional intelligence.

· Emotional intelligence level affects one’s use of spiritual intelligence, where spiritual knowledge facilitates understanding reason and emotion. You will be able to understand and apply the principles of Emotional Development in both personal and professional spheres.

What you’ll learn:

· Self-motivation, self-actualization and development

· Management of time and project

· Emotional intelligence and team-work

· More resilient responses to challenges and stress in life

· Success and happiness in work and life through Spirituality

Session Overview:

This engaging session outlines the concept of Emotional Intelligence, explains why it is important for personal and professional development, and describes how to apply the ideas to assess and improve your own confidence and performance by developing your EI. Emotional Intelligence is a set of aptitudes which determine how well you handle yourself in life, and how well you are able to understand and get on with others. In an ever-more complex and demanding world, we can do better being more proactive, engaging with others, and learning how to manage our own energy levels, our relationships, and other people. The skills of Emotional Intelligence show you how to do these things and how to develop the insight and confidence to handle your own and others’ expectations and emotions effectively.

Skills you’ll learn:

· Communication Skills

· Decision Making Skills

· Emotion Management

· Motivation Skills

· Management Skills

· Critical Thinking

Know your Trainer:

L P Bhanu Sharma is a renowned spiritual leader, educator, life and executive coach and social worker. He is also the Founding President and Spiritual Guru at Jeevan Vigyan Pratisthan, Nepal- a leading institution in spirituality and leadership. In the education sector, he is the director at Apex Life School and the principal of Apex College- a premier business school in Nepal.

Session Duration:1.5 hours (1 day)

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