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The Secret Method of Success: Double Your Memory!


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Starts August 25, 2021

Why take this session?

● A better memory can help you to improve learning and professional development. Essentially this webinar will teach you how to hack your brain in order to boost learning and memory skills.

● You’ll be exposed to knowledge about how human memory works and learn an entire range of tried, tested methods all designed to supercharge your memory, and recall, ensuring the information you wish to retain, stays with you.

What you’ll learn:

● Developing Mental Abilities and improvement of memory power

● Building Determination and Will power

● Improvement in Concentration Power

● Enhance Co-ordination of Left and Right Brain

● Managing Sleep Disorder

● Building Confidence and Mental Strength

● Increasing Imagination Power and Learning capabilities

● Improving Retention Power and Develop confidence in studies

● Creating Self–Empowerment

Session Overview:

We believe that learning should be fun, purposeful, and challenging. The webinar will guide ways to endow learners with extraordinary skill power. It covers topics that will be helpful to learners to build Concentration, Reading, Memory, Focus, Productivity, Confidence, Handling Emotions, Creative Thinking, Communication Skills, Good Decision-Making Skills, and Life Skills Empowered to Face the Challenges of Life!

This webinar is about improving your ability to learn new skills or information quickly and effectively. We go far beyond the kinds of “mind-mapping” you may have been exposed to, diving into the actual cognitive and neurological factors that make learning easier, more fun and more successful. It will also teach you about the brain and its functions and how to hack it. We will teach you advanced memory techniques so that you can grapple with the huge loads of information you will be able to take in. You will learn how to process and retain information in a completely new way – a faster, exciting, and better way

Skills you’ll learn:

Communication Skills


Mind Mapping

Decision Making


Know your Trainer:

Mr. Sababbi Mangal is an Indian author, inventor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and memory trainer. In 2007, Sababbi Mangal invented an unlimited year calendar from 0001 to infinity based on the coding system. He has been working as a professional memory trainer and writer since 2007 and has authored 12 memory enhancement titles. In 2009, he broke the World Record by calculating the exact days of the week of 60 random dates selected by computer in 60 seconds at VNIT Nagpur during the event Aarohi 2009. He taught many students across the world and among them, several students achieved World Record for Fastest Memorizing and extraordinary brainpower.

In 2008, he launched our School studies research cell in India and In June 2019, he launched NICELY a social media platform to help people connect more easily. Later in August 2019, he initiated Team Rakshak as a Self-Help-Group team to provide Neuroscience and Meta Skills development training to the kids to empower them to learn efficiently those who have no access to such tools.

Session Duration: 2 hours

Session Cost: Free


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