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Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners


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Course starts December 05, 2021

Why take this course on stock trading & investing for beginners?

● This introduction course is going to teach you everything you need to know as you will learn the basics of every aspect of the stock market, company valuations, and investments so that you have a breadth of knowledge when making your first trade.

● You will develop a full understanding of how stocks, bonds, and mutual funds work, also ways to find stocks and decide which ones to buy.

● Become a master at looking at stock charts and understanding the patterns.

What you’ll learn:

● Introduction to Capital Market

● Introduction to SEBON

● Understanding Primary Market; IPO, FPO and Right Share

● Market Mechanism of Secondary Market

● Bonus share, Dividend and Price Adjustment

● Bond and Mutual Funds & Investment Bank

● Mero Share and TMS

Course Overview:

Capital Market is the Place where saving and investments are moved between suppliers and users of capital through various financial instruments such as stock, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The capital market plays an important role in an economy and provides the opportunity to the investor for the mobilization and channelization of funds. Nepalese capital market is in growing and improving phase.

The course will introduce you the fundamentals of the capital market, ways of market mechanisms and you will find techniques to create Mutual Funds, and also lead your journey towards the secondary market. This course is designed to build your capacities resulting in smart and financially sound investment choices. The team will help you achieve this step-by-step via starting from basic concepts, and moving on to sectoral analyses and ending with appropriate strategy formulation.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Research & Collaboration
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Management Skills

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Prakash Pandey is currently serving as Co-Founder and Trainer at Finera Nepal. Currently pursuing MA in Economics, Prakash Pandey is a share market enthusiast. He has been certified with an Investment Foundation course by CFA Institute. He has been involved in the Research department of Arthik Abhiyan National Daily as an internee for a couple of months. Furthermore, he has practical experience of investing in the Nepalese Share Market for around five years.

Course Duration: 8 hours (4 days)

Course Cost: Rs. 999


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