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Real Leadership: How to Influence, Inspire and Impact as a Leader


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Starts September 5, 2021

What take this course on Real Leadership?

● Here you will learn ideas to demonstrate the Personal and Social Competencies Required in Leadership

● Learn the ways to create an inspiring vision and powerful sense of purpose, and develop leadership within.

What you will learn?

● How to analyze your situation to find out what kind of leadership problem you and/or your organization is facing?

● All the various leadership styles available

● How to choose your unique leadership style?

● How to master your leadership style?

● How to create visions, inspire, manage change, and foster teamwork?

Course Overview:

Leadership is a vast topic, thousands of books have been written. Everybody wants to be a leader but few know what it means to be a leader. Still fewer know how to adapt their leadership to the current scenario like now we have covid-19. Sometimes you need to be democratic; sometimes you need to be autocratic. Some organizations are huge, some are just 2 person shops. Sometimes people expect a lot from you; sometimes they think you can’t deliver anything. First, every Real Leader must assess ‘what exactly that you are supposed to lead’. Then you will be given many leadership styles and find the one that suits both the situation and you. Now you know which leadership style to wear, you have to build the behaviors and habits that belong to that style. For example, if you need to be a democratic leader then you have to behave easygoing and have a habit of asking for opinions. But if you need to be an autocratic leader you have to behave toughly and develop a habit of giving orders. However, there are many more styles and you will be taught how to model the right leadership style for you and the situation. Finally, it is time to do mental tests and check various scenarios. At least you should have a theoretical understanding of how you will act. This is what and how you will be taught in these three days’ extensive course.

There is a real leader in you that can make your dreams come true. Sign up for this training and find the Real Leader in you.

Skills You’ll Learn:

● Leadership

● Goal Setting

● Teamwork

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Manohar Man Shrestha, Management Consultant, Trainer

Manohar Man Shrestha is a prized management consultant/trainer/writer with 20 years of experience in over two dozen organizations, as well as a highly effective trainer to hundreds of companies and colleges. He has published over 200 articles on management in various national dailies. He is also a voracious reader having read thousands of books. He has lived and traveled over a decade abroad exposing him to multiple cultures, mindsets, and walks of life. His innate ability thus to synthesize practical reality with theoretical frameworks to solve problems, makes any form of interaction with him be it in writing, in consulting, or training an enlightening and a kind of liberating experience. To transform Nepal and the world from the inside out through better management and accurate understanding is his life’s mission.

Course Duration: 6 hours (3 days)

Course Cost: Rs. 1000


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