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Personality Development – Pathway to the Creative You!


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Starts July 4, 2021

Why take this course on Personality Development?

● Personal development is a lifelong process that involves expanding one’s knowledge and improving personal skills and qualities, considering their aims in life, and set new goals.

● The course will guide you to bring out an enhanced & developed personality in you by knowing different behavioral dimensions, and get yourself trained in soft skills in order to get empowered by developing self-awareness, being assertiveness & confident.

What you’ll learn?

1. Assertiveness & Confidence Building

● What is Self-confidence?

● Benefit of Self-confidence

● How to enhance Self-confidence?

● What is Assertiveness?

● Nature of People

● Positive Phrasing

● Assertive Communication Etiquettes

● Avoiding Under-valuing words and sentences

2. Active Listening, Proper Communication Skills, and Body Language

● Difference between Hearing and Listening

● Active Listening Test

● How to Increase Active Listening Ability

● What is Proper Communication?

● How to communicate better and what is the benchmark to check proper communication?

● How tone and way of telling effects the message?

● Body language & Power of Body Language

● Open & closed body language

3. Public Speaking

● Identifying your Audience & Creating Basic Outline & Delivering

● Analyzing and Creating Audience Profile

● Outlining your Speaking Content

● Identifying Questions, Practicing, and Updating

● Starting off on right foot & Setting ground Rules

● Using visual aids & Sticking to time

Course Overview:

The influence of human personality upon the functional efficiency of an organization and its personnel life has been widely recognized. The personality can always be modified or enhanced with the inner will of a person and little help.

This Personality Development course covers various dimensions to provide the participants with insights about personality development & how they can improve it. The learnings then through this course can be applied on Daily Work in Workplace, Personal Life Communication and Expression, Community Functions and Work Friend Circle Communication, and also to Pitch to Employee for Job and Investor for Investment.

Skills you will Learn:

1. Assertiveness

2. Confidence

3. Active Listening

4. Proper Communication

5. Use of Proper Body Language

6. Public Speaking

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Rabindra Singh is an International Soft Skill Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Mindset Guru, and a Business Coach. He is the Managing Director- RST (E-commerce), CEO at GRACS International (Import/ Export, Distribution, and Services). He is also serving as the Director of Execution- Rising Nepal Event Management & Event Sansar. In addition to this, he serves as the Project and Communication Director- CDP Nepal (NGO for Community Development) and Bagmati Province Coordinator- SAMMAN (NGO for Street Person and Suicide Cases). He is also the Educator at Whitehouse, Quest, KHM, Araniko, and Liverpool College. He was also the Learning & Development Specialist- Dubai International Airport, Dubai for 8 yrs. Academic Head- IATA Hotel Management College Managing Director- Hospitality Way (Event Management Company) Public Relation Manager at Chaitanya Wellness Medi Spa; Business development Manager at Bu Keba Organiza Spa; Guest Relation Manager at Grand Pacific Resort & Spa (5 Star Resort), Thailand.

Course Duration: 14 hours (7 days)


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