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Movers Workshop on Storytelling




Why take Movers Workshop on Storytelling?

  • The workshop will introduce you to the tools and techniques that will help you bring your vision to life and create stories that influence and inspire.
  • In this workshop, you’ll learn how to shape your idea into a story. You’ll create a story brief, iterate and evolve your story, and hone your tone and style.
  • Reflect and understand your life through storytelling by learning storytelling techniques and connect with youth from around the region within the Movers Community.

What you’ll learn?

  • Understand the meaning and benefits of using Storytelling techniques
  • Reflect and understand your life through storytelling
  • Learn storytelling techniques and tell your own stories
  • Receive the opportunity to become a Mover and conduct similar Movers Workshops within your own community.

Workshop Overview:

The Movers Workshop: Tell Your Own Story is a 2-hour interactive workshop about storytelling, self-awareness and building-trust, developed by Youth Co:Lab as part of the Movers Programme.

The Movers Programme is a regional movement of volunteers who develop SDGs awareness, entrepreneurial mindsets and 21st-century skills by conducting localized training at a grassroots level. The Movers Programme uses a training-of-trainer approach and works with community partners to target harder-to-reach groups and support Youth Co:Lab’s objective to leave no youth behind.

The Movers Workshop consists of a series of activities such as facilitated group and plenary discussions, self-reflection exercises, simulations and short presentations. It also comes with curated pre and post-workshop resources to get participants more engaged with storytelling.


Skills you’ll learn:



Digital Skills

Presentation Skills


Know your Trainer:

Ms. Sirajam Munira is an Aspiring Mover from Bangladesh. She is working as a content creator for Bangladesh Flying Lab and Youth school for social Entrepreneurs.   She wants to see a world with a zero poverty line, zero unemployment, and full of skilled and resourceful person and working towards achieving that dream.

Mr. Arnold Querubin is an Aspiring Mover from the Philippines. As a Past President and Past Governor of the organizations he was part of, he believes that he can go further as a Young Changemaker through the Movers Programme.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours


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