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Movers Workshop on Storytelling: Tell Your Own Story


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Workshop Date: October 08, 2021

Have you ever thought about how your stories can be told? Have you thought about why people can tell the same story so differently? If so, you wouldn’t want to miss this workshop!

Why take Movers Workshop on Storytelling?

● The workshop will introduce you to the tools and techniques that will help you bring your vision to life and create stories that influence and inspire.

● In this workshop, you’ll reflect and understand your life through storytelling by learning storytelling techniques and connect with youth from around the region within the Movers Community.

What you’ll learn?

● Understand the meaning and benefits of using Storytelling techniques

● Reflect and understand your life through storytelling

● Learn storytelling techniques and tell your own stories

● Create a story brief, iterate and evolve your story, and hone your tone and style.

● Receive the opportunity to become a Mover and conduct similar Movers Workshops within your own community.

Workshop Overview:

The Movers Workshop: Tell Your Own Story is a 2-hour interactive workshop about storytelling, self-awareness, and building trust, initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab as part of the Movers Programme in support of Intercultural Education (ICE).

The workshop is being organized to understand the power of storytelling, understand Storytelling as a tool to understand our lives, and build trust. The Movers Workshop consists of a series of activities such as facilitated group and plenary discussions, self-reflection exercises, simulations, and short presentations. It also comes with curated pre and post-workshop resources to get participants more engaged with storytelling.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Presentation Skills

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Ankish Shrestha, Aspiring Mover, Nepal

Mr. Ankish Shrestha is an aspiring Mover from Nepal. He is also a social & climate enthusiast and activist. He has participated in the National and International Convention of Student Quality Circle, which was held in Janakpur and Bangladesh respectively. He has hosted the NCC Youth Exchange Program Cultural program, and also worked as the Secretary of St Xavier College’s SET Council.

Ms. Saru Pyakurel, Aspiring Mover, Nepal

Saru Pyakurel is a Communications Officer at Glocal Pvt. Ltd. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Environmental Science at the College of Applied Sciences, TU. She is a Country Director at Eco-Network in Nepal. She has proved herself as an active youth by involving in several projects related to Environment, Sustainable Development Goals, and Skill Development.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Workshop Cost:Free

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