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Movers Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship


Courses Included


Are you a young change-maker who is looking for ways to build your community through SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship? If so, this workshop is for you.


Why Mover’s Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship?

  • Discover more about your entrepreneurial mindset and challenges.
  • Explore how youth can contribute towards social entrepreneurship

What will you learn?

  • Define social enterprise and its articulate its relevance for your situation
  • Generate social enterprise ideas
  • Lean startup process
  • Discover what it means to be a social entrepreneur
  • Explore the advantages and challenges that social enterprises


Workshop Overview:

It is a 2-hours interactive and participatory workshop whose purpose is to equip learners with the skills that will assist them to broaden their understanding of Social Entrepreneurship. The workshop will walk you through the basic concepts and characteristics of social enterprise and equip you with a few processes and tools to enable you to start planning your own business. It is designed as a practice-oriented interactive workshop, which will transfer knowledge as well as engage participants in creating their own action plans.

Mover’s Workshop is initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab to create a community of volunteers who can take action by organizing Movers Workshop. The module is designed with a train-the-trainer methodology, so after attending this workshop, you can conduct similar workshops with your community members too!


Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Team Work
  • Business Skills

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