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Movers Workshop on SDGs




Starting 11th March 2021

Do you want to examine the ways in which development really can be sustainable, its impact on communities, and how it can make a difference in real lives?

If yes, you cannot miss this amazing workshop.


Why Mover’s Workshop on SDGs?

  • Understand the big picture around the SDGs.
  • To know the history of the SDGs.
  • Establish a personal action plan to address the SDGs.
  • Learn from the experiences of each other.


What will you learn?

  • Learn and understand the importance of 17 Sustainable Goals.
  • Identify different ways in which Sustainable Development Goals can be implemented by different actions in different contexts.
  • Reflect on the goals & targets set forth by the United Nations in terms of SDGs and how to achieve them.
  • Fun & Interactive discussions on the ways to bring positive change in the community.


Workshop Overview:

It is a 2-hour online workshop that will introduce the SDGs in a fun and interactive way. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn the big picture around the SDGs and develop participants to stand up for the activities for the betterment of society; which will also promote the SDGs.

It was initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab to create a community of volunteers who can take action by organizing the Mover’s Workshop. Movers Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals is designed to create awareness regarding Sustainable Goals to the youths. The Movers Programme wants to engage and mobilize more youth across Asia-Pacific to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshop will provide an overview of SDGs to the participants. It makes participants understand and reasons for contributing to achieving the SDGs goals; which will then promote the Sustainable goals and influence youths to take action on SDGs.


Skills you’ll Learn:

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Work
  • Decision Making Skills

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