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Movers Workshop on Leadership in Action – Level 02


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Workshop Date: October 31, 2021

Why attend Mover’s workshop on leadership – level 02?

· To get a better understanding of various decision-making techniques and to cultivate the “inner” leader as a powerful source of development.

· To comprehend the importance of leadership and get practical advice on how to improve your leadership abilities.

What you’ll learn?

· Understand what the key leadership skills are

· Discover the leadership mindset

· Explore frameworks to become a better leader

· Get actionable tips to work on your leadership skills

· Different Leadership Formulas.

· Boost your Self- Esteem

· Communication and leadership abilities.

Workshop Overview

Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others. To be an effective leader, he or she must be able to motivate and lead the team in the proper path. We are all leaders, but only some of us discover that and achieve it. So is there a workshop where you can learn the potential to be a true leader.

The Movers Workshop on Leadership in Action – Level 02 is intended to guide participants to develop their inner leadership abilities. Participants will learn how to think like a leader in this program. Participants will examine frameworks that will assist them in becoming leaders that are more effective. Mover’s Workshop is initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab in support of Intercultural Education (ICE) to develop a community of volunteers who can take action.

Skills you’ll learn

· Communication Skills.

· Team building Skills.

· Problem-solving skills.

· Effective Decision Making Skills

Know your Trainers:

Ms. Lahana Maharjan, Mover Facilitator, Nepal

Ms. Lahana Maharjan is an Environmental enthusiast from Nepal. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental science from Golden Gate International College. Ms. Maharjan has served as a coordinator in the “Himalayas Our Pride (HOPE)” campaign and as a Facilitator in the Bagmati River Basin Youth Program organized by Youth for Asia (Asian Development Bank) and also as a Green Fellow for Local Government (HCI). Currently, she has been selected as a Teaching Fellow for United World School, Nepal.

Mr. Joao Baptista Pereira Guterres, Mover Facilitator, Timor Leste

Mr. Joao Baptista Pereira Guterres is a Mover Facilitator from Timor Leste. Currently, he is majoring in International Business and serving as a Chapter Manager of Storious. He is also one of the Alumnae of Asia Pacific Youth Exchange India Online, 2021.

Ms. Prashna Shrestha, Aspiring Mover, Nepal

Ms. Prashna is an Aspiring Mover from Nepal, currently studying in grade 11 as a biology student. She loves attending various social events, and she wants to work for betterment of the society with her good deeds. She is an active learner and a cheerful personality.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Workshop Cost: Free


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