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Movers Workshop on Gender Equality




Do you want to identify and articulate practices that can effectively challenge and overcome gender inequality?

Starting 31st January, 2021

Why Movers Workshop on Gender Equality?

  • Understand and explain the big picture around SDG 5, its fundamental components and its history.
  • Explain the importance of gender equality on society and the impact of inequality.
  • Take small actions to support gender equality in your life.
  • Connect with youth from around the region within the Movers Community.
  • Receive the opportunity to become a Mover and conduct similar Movers Workshops within your own community.


Why participate?

  • If you want to share your perspective and experience regarding the topic.
  • If you want to listen and understand the situation in different parts of the country.
  • If you want to share your ideas and stories.
  • If you want to be a responsible citizen and create gender equality awareness in the community


Workshop Overview:

Movers Workshop on SDG 5: Gender Equality is designed to create awareness regarding Gender Equality among people. It is a 2-hour interactive workshop about Gender Equality, initiated by Youth Co: Lab and United Nations Volunteers for the Movers Programme. The workshop will briefly interactively introduce the SDGs 5.

It will also provide an opportunity to learn the aspects of Gender Equality and develop participants to stand up for the activities for the betterment of society; which will also promote the SDGs.

This workshop will help us in developing a broader perspective on gender and equality.


Skills you’ll Learn:


Communication Skills

Management Skills

Team Work

Decision Making Skills


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