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Movers Workshop on Entrepreneurship




Workshop Overview:

It is a 2-hours interactive and participatory workshops on entrepreneurship which is about creating and growing for-profit businesses and other types of social enterprises that add value beyond the traditional bottom line and help to make some part of the world a bit brighter for all.

A successful business starts with a clear vision and a thorough understanding of the opportunities available to turn that vision into a reality. In fact, today employment is rapidly shifting from traditional employment contexts to project-based work. Individuals who prefer to work inside a company now need to act like entrepreneurs as they build a portfolio of skills and experiences that open the door to employment or gigs in the project-based economy. Entrepreneurship opens the door to people helping other people understand the new team-based approach to business in a global economy and how to use technology to work from home or in a co-working space.

If you are interested in knowing the reality of entrepreneurship and things take to be an entrepreneur this workshop will help you in defining your vision and discover opportunities to make it happen.

It was initiated by UNDP Youth Co: Lab to create a community of volunteers who can take action by organizing Movers Workshop. Movers Workshop on Entrepreneurship is designed to create awareness regarding Entrepreneurship and its terms to youths. The Movers Programme wants to engage and mobilize more youth across Asia-Pacific to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals.

The workshop will provide an overview on how can you enter the world of entrepreneurship and convert your vision into reality to become an entrepreneur.


What will you learn?

  1. Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  2. Ways to Become A Successful Entrepreneur & Start Your Own Business
  3. Understanding the Secrets of What is Actually Called ‘Doing Business’
  4. Scope for discovering or creating business opportunities.


Why to participate?

  • Understand the concept of entrepreneurship
  • To know the secrets of entrepreneurial world
  • Learn ways to create impact as an entrepreneur
  • Learn to Start Your Career As An Entrepreneur
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