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Learn Graphic Designs Foundation with CANVA


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Starts July 29, 2021

Why take this course on CANVA?

● Designing has become one of the on-hand-needed skills for every individual regardless of their job description and subject background.

● Canva is an amazing tool that is perfect for beginners because it’s so easy to use because of its drag and drop interface.  Here one can create better and more professional designs within minutes.

What you’ll learn:

Module 1: Get dive into Canva

  1. Introduction of Designing, Canva, and its applications
  2. Login and Signup to Canva
  3. Tabs and Components of Canva
  4. Selection of templates or blank pages as per users’      target
  5. Selection of Background & Elements of Canva in      detail ( Upload, Photo selection, Shapes, gradients, typography, etc
  6. Editing features ( Copy, paste, delete, Zoom in and      out, size adjustments, effects, layering, keyboard shortcuts, etc)
  7. Activity-I:      Design a logo/poster for your Friend/company/organization

Module 2: Re- colorize your Creativity

  1. Discussion on “Activity-I: Design a logo/poster for      your friend/company/organization”
  2. Design a Creative Presentation and Video
  3. Some other elements of Canva in detail ( Video and      Music Selection)
  4. Downloading of design in different formats- 10 Mins
  5. Basics of Graphic Designing
  6. Activity-II: Design a Short Presentation

Module 3: Bonus to your Design

  1. Discussion on “Activity-II: Design a short      presentation”
  2. Some other useful features that are hidden in Canva (Other Possibilities in Canva: Personal Enhancement)
  3. Other tools that can enhance the designing experience
  • Remini App for photo enhancement
  • Pexels.com for photos and videos
  • Screen Capturing (Win+Alt+R)
  • Remove. bg for background remove
  • Google input for Nepali typing
  • Grammarly Tools to correct English Grammars
  • Hijje.com to correct Nepali Grammars

Course Overview:

Designing has become one of the on-hand-needed skills for every individual regardless of their job description and subject background. This training helps participants learn how to get up and running with Canva in this short from a very basic level.

This training will help participants get into the Canva platform. Most people have an interest in designing but they feel hard to do it on other platforms such as Photoshop. Therefore, they never try it. Whereas, this training will surge their interest in design with Canva as it is very easy to use. After pursuing this training, participants will be able to create their designs, videos and presentations with a spellbinding look. It is a 6-hours long instruction-based real-time practice training course from Canva expert. Participants will learn to design Brand logo, certificates, proposals and brochures for personal or business purposes, Perfect banners/posters for virtual events/webinars, Gift cards for their friend’s on birthdays, Magical touchup to their photos which seems outstanding than others, Highly tantalizing Presentation slides with the amazing design template, themes and font styles, Personal and business videos and documentaries with specially customized fonts and magical backgrounds, and Some really useful tools that can be used along with Canva to make your design more than perfect.

Skills you’ll learn:

● Graphic Designing Skills

● Creativity

● Visual Communication Skills

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Ghanshyam Bhattarai is a vibrant, optimistic, enthusiastic, and self-motivated youth currently working as Regional Ambassador at Thought for Food (TFF) Foundation. He is also working as a CANVA trainer and a designing enthusiast. He is actively engaged in development sectors especially in the area of Food Science, Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Change related researches, projects, social businesses, and innovations. By profession, He is a food technologist and he has acquired lots of skills working with dynamic personalities in different projects. Additionally, he has successfully executed 50+ self-initiated projects.

Course Duration: 6 hours (3 days)

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