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Good to Great – Understanding Human Emotions


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Starting: Feb 01, 2023

Why take this free session on Good to Great – Understanding Human Emotions?

  • Suppression is the defense mechanism by which individuals cope with distressing mental contents by voluntarily making efforts to put them out of conscious awareness.
  • This session explores the intrusiveness of thoughts, with a coping strategy characterized by active efforts to avoid unpleasant mental issues.

What you’ll learn?

  • Human emotion and the real life examples
  • Coping with unidentified emotions
  • Effects of suppressions on body
  • Life cycle of human emotions on body
  • Am I suffering from suppression?
  • Difference between thoughts and emotions
  • Understanding human behaviors

Session Overview:

We will explore the psychology of our everyday thinking: why people believe weird things, how we form and change our opinions, why our expectations skew our judgments, and how we can make better decisions. We’ll discuss and debate topics such as emotion management, difference between thoughts and emotions, how to deal with suppression. This workshop will guide the learners to understand more about human behavior, attitudes, communications and our relationships with the world and with each other.

Skills you’ll learn:


Thought & Emotion Management

Critical Thinking

Life Skills

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Vijaya Raj Sigdel is the National Chairman of Administrative Wing of Brahma Kumari Raj Yoga Center, Nepal. He is renowned Philanthropist & Social Worker, Spiritual Coach, celebrated Author, International Speaker, Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a Senior Leader to the Brahma Kumaris Raj Yoga Center Nepal.

He is decorated with International Moral Award 2019 and Spiritual Ambassador of Asia 2020 in Thailand and recognized by General Electric (India), Thai Nepali Association (Thailand), Corporate Houses, Lions Club International, Jaycees Clubs, Government and Non-government organizations of Nepal & India.

As the National Chairman of Administrative Wing of Brahma Kumaris Raj Yog Center, Nepal; he serves thousands of lives through Raj Yoga Meditation, Spiritual Teachings, and Keynote Speaking on Value-Based Education & Practices on Positive Living. He is the Chief Patron of Ama Ghar (Mother’s Home) established at Manahari, Hetuda, Province 3. He is founder and life time patron of Manav Sewa Ashram and Vice-Chairperson of Citizen Jury which is educating to eradicate corruption by rising personal ethics and values.

Session Duration: 2 hours

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