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Gen 20.21- It’s All about Teens’


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Starts July 03, 2021

Webinar Overview:

‘Gen 20.21- It’s All about Teens’ an initiation of Glocal Teen Hero is a webinar series that will showcase or highlight the different social issues to help teenagers understand from broader perspectives. At the same time, teenagers who are working on different SDGs in creating positive impact will get an opportunity to learn and connect with expert leaders from different countries and put forward their perception in their working areas.

This initiation is a part of Glocal Teen Hero in collaboration with Glocal After School (GAS) which is a learning platform/ solution for every individual to get engaged in skill development, identify their needs and interest, follow their passion and lead their initiation. 

These series will be live streamed from Glocal Teen Hero Facebook page every Saturday.

Episode 1: Better Me: Keys to Personal Growth

This is a free webinar that focuses on teenagers to guide and pave their way to their personal growth. It consists of experience sharing from the expert leaders and followed with a Q & A session. It will also majorly highlight the value of opportunity identification, teenager’s initiation and their recognition for the entrepreneurial mindset. 

The workshop makes teenagers understand the process of developing a Growth Mindset enabling them to expand their vision, ways to overcome obstacles and create their own opportunities. You’ll learn to identify and develop your dreams and reasons, the motivation and drive you need to take you to new heights, as a whole you will know how to make yourself better, how to contribute towards your self-growth for aiming higher and bigger.

Why attend this webinar?

• Learn to identify their area of interest and possible keys to drive them to new heights with a higher motivation. 

• To strengthen networking & connection with like-minded teenagers.

• Learn to identify limiting beliefs and replace them with success beliefs

• Learn the art of setting and achieving any goal

Guest Speakers for Episode 1:

Mr. Asish Thakur, Executive Director at Glocal Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group of Companies and the Chairman of Syakar Trading Company

Webinar Duration: 1 hour


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